The following information can be shared and taught between first and second grade. I chose Life Science and for the lesson, to focus on animal habitat in cold weather and life process. I wanted to do something fun and quirky for students and the teacher to enjoy! Please review the following: 

The following link is an activity about the different kinds of penguins. It includes different animated pictures of penguins and information about their habitat, food and fun facts to remember! The activity also includes a small worksheet for students to fill out once they have reviewed the information on penguins. 
Title: Read and Write about Penguins!

Below is another activity about penguins. Students have a background of information about types of penguins and then do an experiment. 
Title: How Do Penguins Stay Warm?

The last activity is about Polar Bears. There is information including facts about Polar Bears and it is followed up by an activity which has the students make their own polar bear and then write on it the facts that they have learned through the instruction. 
Title: The BEAR Facts About Polar Bears

Text Resources:
1. Where Do Polar Bears Live? By Bruce Larkin. (2012). 16pg. Willbooks Inc. (978-1-60867-003-1). Gr.2. 
This book shows pictures and text that help students learn about where Polar Bears live, what they eat and what they look like. 
2. Polar Bears (Our Wild World) By Linda Tagliaferro. (2002). 48pg. Cooper Square Publishing. (
978-1559718288). Gr. 2-5.
This book is an introduction to wildlife for beginning readers and has an in-depth approach to learning about polar bears and seals. 
3. Emperor Penguins By Roberta Edwards. Illus. by Carl Schwartz. (2007). Grosset & Dunlap. Gr. 2
This book shows the life cycle and habitat of penguins while also providing fun facts about their every day lives and is supported by illustrations. 
4.Mr. Popper's Penguin's: Literature Guide, second grade, Student Edition By Richard and Florence Atwater Study Guide By Leigh Lowe. (2010). 48pg. Memoria Press. (1615380345). Gr. 2 
This book is the story of Mr Popper's Penguins and included are worksheets, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension activities as well. 
5. Penguins! By Gale Gibbons. (1999). 30 pg. Holiday House. (0823415163). Gr. 1 and up. This book discusses the habitat, behavior and physical characteristics of penguins

Interactive activities for Kids:
This link shows a fun and informative video about emperor penguins:

This site is a jigsaw that the students and teacher can solve together! Once it is finished, you can see the environment that most penguins live in!

This site is a worksheet that can be printed for each child to use in or out of the classroom. It is a word scramble for the different types of penguins.

Write a poem and send it to the website! Have students submit their poems with information and fun facts about polar bears and send them off to the website below!

Make your own scene! This app helps children make their own polar adventure scene while incorporating what they have learned through the listed instructions and information previously listed. Save it and you can print it out for artwork in the classroom or around the house!